Online Application

Are you fond of traveling? Then you may want to have this online application on your mobile devices. This app is known as the route planner. Basically, what this online application does is to provide you with options about the different available routes from your starting point up to your destination. This is done by entering your point of origin as well as the end destination. Aside from that, you will also be asked to select whether you will be driving, walking, bicycling or traveling through a transit. Then you will have to decide to click the “get shortest route” and the “show/hide traffic” button or not.

Once everything has been inputted, the map will then display all the possible routes that you may use during your travel. It is now up to you to choose depending on your personal preference. The route planner also provides the user with the information regarding the total trip cost and the total distance covered by the route that you have selected. This is definitely a very useful app because you can really prepare yourself for your upcoming travel.

Although this route planner app has a downside as it does not work when you are offline, you cannot deny the fact that the convenience and the cost-effectiveness it provides override this particular disadvantage. You can choose to print the map if you think you will not be able to access the app while you are traveling.

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