Traveling in or out of the country should not be a problem. However, because of our unawareness of the various available routes, we are not able to select the best routes for us to use. And in order to resolve this problem, an online application is developed. This online application is known as the route planner. By the name itself, we can tell that is applied is designed to help us choose the route that we think is best for us, maybe it is the shortest route or perhaps a longer one with much better views. The choice is really up to us, the role of the route planner app is just to give us several options to choose from.

The route planner is very simple to use. Once you are logged in to the app, you just have to input the starting location, then the destination and your manner of travel whether you are driving, walking, bicycling or in transit. After that, you have the option to click the “get the shortest route” button and the “show/hide traffic” button. When everything is set, the map will now display all the possible routes from your starting point up to your destination.

Aside from that, the total trip cost and total distance covered will also be displayed. By means of this, you will now be able to plan your travel accurately and prepare for the necessary expenses needed for such travel.

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